I grew up in the Suffolk countryside and have always been drawn to nature. I've loved painting and drawing for as long as I can remember and as a young girl, I spent much of my time illustrating my own poems and stories. I went on to study Illustration at Essex School of Art and then Liverpool John Moores University. I now live in a village near near Bath with my little boy, Rory, my partner Simon and our two adorable rescue dogs, Polly and Percy. I work from my small studio looking out onto our garden.

My work has featured in Country Living, BBC Homes & Antiques and Simple Things Magazines. 

I love to celebrate the beauty of nature through the use of cheerful and uplifting colours and interesting patterns and form. I mainly use gouache acrylic paints and inks as I feel they produce the brightest and most vivid pieces of art. I also enjoy history and love antiques, so I’ve incorporated some vintage china into my latest works, including Staffordshire Transferware and Sunderland Lustreware.

For my latest project, The Flowering Year, I was keen to capture the essence of each flowering month and the shift in seasons. I created a piece of artwork to reflect every month of the year. I began each piece by collecting flowers from the garden or sketching them whilst out on a walk. When I return to my studio, I make some sketches and decide upon a composition. I create a colour palette that I feel most reflects the mood of the season and then I begin painting. When I'm in the studio painting all I need is a regular supply of tea, a good audiobook and the dogs to keep me company!